Unaware - New game demo

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Unaware - New game demo

Unread post by AcesGames » 15 Aug 2019, 16:39

Hello there

Now I am finally done with the first demo of my game called Unaware
The game is a first-person horror puzzle. It is free so please try it out.
I am looking forward to get some feedback, constructive criticism or some great suggestions from you guys.


Update - New trailer is available, check it out :)

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Re: Unaware - New game demo

Unread post by jonaz.dk » 16 Aug 2019, 07:26

Nice little project! Good job! Solo project?

A few comments
- It's very easy and intuitive to get into. Well done!
- Having a knife that you can't pick up in a horror themed game is such a bad tease. ;)
- Haven't spend ages on it. But was kind of stuck when I got to the white walled lower level basement.
- Intuitively I dragged the objects from the inventory onto doors etc. You should make it possible or inform the player it is not possible when he does so. The cogwheel icon broadly indicates 'settings'. Perhaps a hand icon would be more relevant?
- Missing some sort of twist to the puzzle formula. That makes your game special.
- Missing better writing and world building. Obviously there is content I did not experience. But something that pulls you more in to the lore of the world. Not tons of lines. But small effective lines could be used when observing objects in the world. Or journal entries describing event in the world a bit more detailed.
There seems to be no story hints to the ghost girl walking by. Is she a centerpiece of the story?
- A bit more.. but not overdoing it.. interesting ghostly events would be welcome. Perhaps the player briefly sees something strange when looking out of a window.
- Obviously saving game progression.
- Needless to say. You box coat could use a makeover. ;)


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Re: Unaware - New game demo

Unread post by AcesGames » 16 Aug 2019, 09:08

Thank you for playing and the feedback!

Yes it is a solo project, and I have worked on it for almost a year now.

I am aware of the whole inventory drag stuff, and I am planning make a rewamp and remove the cog icon. The reason I made it at first, was I could not make it work otherwise at the time, but now I think I know how to do it.

The journal will include more pages, which tells more about the situation + tutorial stuff.

About the missing lore. It will come along. Likewise with more content areas, like an outside area and other buildings. My plan is to make the game like a small open world game.

I did make a NPC, but I wanted to make a better dialogue system. Therefore it has been disabled.

I have rewritten code several times, because I was getting better at coding during the project.
The most important, was to make the game mechanics working at first. Then it is easier to fill in the rest.

I am hoping in the future, to hire some voice actors, and musicians.

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