Looking for PlayStation 1 with modchip

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Looking for PlayStation 1 with modchip

Unread post by maltebp » 05 Dec 2023, 10:58

Hello peeps!

After christmas I'm going to write my thesis , and I'm planning on doing some kind of engine for the PlayStation 1 or research related to that. To that end, I would love be able to run some custom made code / game on the PlayStation 1, but for that to work, you must have a modchip installed on it, so it can play non-official games. So far I've had no look in finding a PlayStation with a modchip already installed, so I was wondering if anyone here have one laying around that they want to be rid of (at a price of course). I'd be willing pay to for delivery if it has to be sent from elsewhere in Denmark (I'm living in Copenhagen)

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