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Let's discuss SimCity 5's DRM

Posted: 24 Apr 2013, 18:16
by Code
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Let's discuss SimCity 5 and how the launch of the game created a lot of drama on the internet. EA has been trying to push different types of DRM into the games they publish, but SimCity 5 really caused a lot of commotion because of its always-on DRM. There were of course also a lot of problems with the game from launch of course.
Oh and the game itself was much smaller than what people anticipated and for the huge price it costed and for day-1 DLC, of course a lot of gamers were unhappy.

Do you think the future lies in always-on DRM?
One of my friends thinks that it is the future and that it can't be stopped. I'm not happy to hear that SimCity 5 could have just stored the player's saved cities instead of being online on their server. When everything is on their server, they can choose if you are able to play in a faster mode (cheetah mode) or how many cities you can build. I mean, it just feels very bad to me.

And what about Day-1 DLC?
I've never liked Day-1 DLC and EA seems to like it a lot. It ALWAYS feels like they had a somewhat finished game, then they remove parts of it and calls it DLC, to get more money of out the consumer.

Oh and here's an interesting story that shows why this is bad:

Re: Let's discuss SimCity 5's DRM

Posted: 29 Apr 2013, 11:28
by Code

*tumbleweed* I guess this is pretty dead :(