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Persons of which qualifications?

Posted: 18 Dec 2014, 21:53
by allroundman
Hey fellas..
As we are about to create a little "game-company" i wanted to who to look for?
Before making a post in the Jobs section.

We will be making games for both IOS, Android, and PC.

So, designers, coders, etc etc - please help...

Thanks in forward

Re: Persons of which qualifications?

Posted: 18 Dec 2014, 23:31
by s_u_m_s_a_r
Hi Allroundman,

What people you need is not only defined by the operating system you want to release on but also the type of game you will be doing.

Can you be more specific?

Re: Persons of which qualifications?

Posted: 18 Dec 2014, 23:43
by Code
At lot more details please :D

Re: Persons of which qualifications?

Posted: 19 Dec 2014, 00:00
by allroundman
great. We are in the indie/RTS/MMo area. Mainly IoS/Android and PC. Third party/player. ONLINE as of ment mmo (above) Is that info enough? Also gameengine wise, UNITY for phone, so what for pc?

Re: Persons of which qualifications?

Posted: 19 Dec 2014, 00:56
Not a whole lot of info. But I can extrapolate a lot still. ;)

Sounds like your are about to take a bite of a cake you will have trouble eating. If you have to ask these type of questions to begin with.
Do you have any prior professional game development experience?

In case you have none or very little (on your team). I would urgently advice you to take on a much simpler project on a single platform.
And see that only as one learning experience of many.

On engine.. if you can live with the constraints of Unity Free. On any platform. Do that by all means. The cost of Unity will sort of climb pretty quickly. When you start to need pro features and releases on multiple platforms.

Else you might want to give Unreal Engine 4 a try. Pay those $20 for a month. After which you can freely cancel the subscription. But will be getting no updates. Which might be ok!?
But since statistics clearly shows that indie projects are very likely to fail. Yours probably also will. So you will most likely never have to deal with the sales cut taken being taken to begin with.
And you will have a pretty nice fully fledged engine to play around with for the ride. While not paying a hefty fee for it.
But you will have to adjust your choice to the kind of project and people you are aiming for naturally. Something only experience in the field should already have told you.

Re: Persons of which qualifications?

Posted: 19 Dec 2014, 01:53
by allroundman
tak jonas. But i quite frankly don't see any problems with my lack of knowledge, but i still get where youre headdin. You see, i am interested in "eating a bite from the cake" now, i just want to be a employer of employees who HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE, forstår du? :) so yea i need a teamleader/project manager. And also this game is not pure indie, it is a mix of rts and rpg. Anyway, what would the team be made of - FOR PC, Feks.

Re: Persons of which qualifications?

Posted: 19 Dec 2014, 02:25
Yes I understand. :)

But taking on some sort of RTS MMO, +RPG? on multiple platforms. Is just an INCREDIBLY difficult project to execute.
Speaking from experience. ;)

I don't know what kind of funding you have? But even with some sort of funding.
As a professional I would stay away. Knowing that the top management/design person is not very experienced in game production. I've been on teams like that in the past. Didn't turn out well.

Naturally.. ALSO the most talented and experienced people fail. There is NO shame in that. Or being a newbie for that matter.
And without the courage to take risks we would get nowhere. Failure should only make you stronger.
But it's always better to fail fast and cheap. And learn and adapt to new projects.

I know nothing about your project. But if you can somehow create a small part of the project. And make that work as a self contained product. While capturing the spirit of the project. Let's say just the RTS part. In single player on a single platform. That would be one way to put some focus in the project. And have something that demonstrably works that can be taken further. The more aspects you add. The exponentially more difficult it becomes to handle.

I would still advise you yet again to reconsider the scope of your project.
But best of luck regardless.

Re: Persons of which qualifications?

Posted: 19 Dec 2014, 05:24
by pixlpile
I think what you should start with is someone who can help turn your idea into a full concept with details on things like what the core gameplay is, how to market the game and how to best test and build it.

Such a person would also know a lot more about who else is needed once a lot of these details are in place. Of course you will probably need at least a programmer and artist, but for which platform / engine and what aesthetics? Without a clear plan on exactly how the final product is supposed to attract players, keep them playing and how to pay for it all you will probably end up hiring the wrong people and / or spend a lot of ressources building something that doesn't work right anyway.

In short, you need a game designer.