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Take part in the EWITAWC 3D Modelisation Contest « The Eye Was In The Tomb And Watched Cain » (http://unfold3d.free.fr/blog) hosted by Polygonal Design and win a chance to get your own UNFOLD3D®2018 perpetual licence !

For the upcoming release of the best unfolding software in the world, UNFOLD3D®, in 2018, the Polygonal Design (http://unfold3d.software) team is proud and happy to offer you the opportunity to participate in the first phase of the EWITAWC contest (http://unfold3d.free.fr/blog)!

In this first phase, you will have to create a 3D modelisation of François Chifflart’s picture «La Conscience», which illustrates the last verse of classic 19th century writer Victor Hugo’s eponymous poem.

The winner will be granted a perpetual licence for UNFOLD3D®2018 and will find their work published on the official site (http://unfold3d.software)!
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