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Mechanical keyboards - any CPH-local resources?

Posted: 25 Jan 2019, 12:18
by AngryAnt
I find myself in the strange world of mechanical keyboards and have some changes I would like to try out for my board - both where keycaps and switches are concerned. So I *could* go order a bunch of components online, but what I really want is a physical store where I can go check things out in person - perhaps even bring my board to try things on right there and then.

So far my web searches turn up diddly-squat, but I figure that something as relatively niche such as this might not have a ton of web presence. Any local hints?

The rabbit-hole tumble stared with a desire for better ergonomics, by moving to this board (pro-tip: the pictured placement is absolutely a terrible idea for someone with my particular build): Image

Re: Mechanical keyboards - any CPH-local resources?

Posted: 25 Jan 2019, 23:10
It does sound very niche indeed!

Taking a shot at identifying the problem here. Might be completely off?! As I don't know the details. So bear with me. :)

Thinking all the countless hours of code has been taking it's toll over the years.
And I'm not really sure smaller adjustments to your keyboard setup, would provide any major and permanent improvements to the theoretical situation.

I might suggest a focus on physical training instead. Fingers/hands, arms and back training. Maybe a standing working position. Or laid back. And changing positions.

I did have some carpal tunnel problems with extensive mouse usage years ago. Physical training and a paradigm shift from mouse to wacom board did the trick.

Or if that's not the case. It's probably the route of.. just order a bunch of stuff with the best reviews and see how it performs with your setup.

Did you contact eg. Føniks Computer or Labtech?

Re: Mechanical keyboards - any CPH-local resources?

Posted: 26 Jan 2019, 12:05
by AngryAnt
Thank you for the ergo advice. I have never experienced any real trouble in this area as, for about as long as I have worked with computers, I have been doing all of the things you mention (with the exception of a laid back working position - wtf?). Additional measures I would recommend include:
  • Keep your desk clean, such that moving peripherals around freely is unencumbered.
  • Practice frequent posture adjustment. The goal here is, while initially being an active task, you start doing it out of habit.
  • Proper height and distance positioning of displays - preferably with a very slight upward tilt.
  • Proper lower back support in addition to full-length back support on any chair you use at your desk.
  • Good lighting *behind* your displays - preferably illuminating a bright non-reflective surface (like a wall) rather than shining directly at you.
This move to a more ergonomic keyboard is just further fine adjustment on this setup - not treatment of a setup already gone wrong.

The primary area I am looking for assistance in here is that of mechanical keyboards, which unlike ergonomics I have very little experience with. As stated, I am quite aware that hopefully ordering things online is a thing I can do, but especially for something as personal-feel dependent as switches and caps I really need to be able to test things out in person. Hence (with that local factor) my asking here - rather than in a more on-topic international community which could tell me the personal preference of everyone else, but nothing on CPH-local opportunities to learn what works best for me.

Føniks and Labtech are excellent tips - I'll give them a look. Thanks! :)

Re: Mechanical keyboards - any CPH-local resources?

Posted: 30 Jan 2019, 20:07
by vonknut
I changed to "standing all day" 1 year ago - and never looked back.

And some additional physical training, is also nice offcause.

Re: Mechanical keyboards - any CPH-local resources?

Posted: 31 Jan 2019, 08:31
by AngryAnt
On ergonomics of pose, variability is still what primarily works for me.

I use rising desks both at home and at the office - on average probably switching once every hour or so. Generally I sit just after getting in, after lunch, and at the end of the day.

A good pro tip on rising desks: At the office we got the IKEA ones - with an unbeatable price and no complaints on quality.

Also, as I generally walk around barefoot at home, I compensate for the lack of shoe cushioning when standing at the desk with a thin cushion on the floor (just one I had on hand from an old foot rest for a rocking chair).

Re: Mechanical keyboards - any CPH-local resources?

Posted: 31 Jan 2019, 14:50
Also tried standing some years ago. But my lazy old body didn't want to do it for too long. ;)

Now I'm enjoying a 30 degrees (something) casual leaning back chair pose. Keyboard in my lap. The back is straight.

And doing pretty fine. Only really fast and intense work will ache up my back muscles. But that's true for pretty much any working position I guess. I counter from time to time with this rotary massage pillow I got at Netto for 150,- at some point.

Also stretching your neck muscles can be really helpful. Chin to the chest, ears to shoulders and pull down. It has completely eliminated any possible head aching I would get from normal muscle/tendon tension.