A need for programmers? Mid-Jutland groups?

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A need for programmers? Mid-Jutland groups?

Unread post by Ruinsage » 20 May 2019, 18:19

Hi all

So I'm nearing the end of my student years, and am nearly ready to journey out into the world as a programmer.
I'm hoping to find a group of developers to join, either on an amateur or professional basis, like so many others in here. And I have a question that I was hoping people could help me with.

Are groups often founded by people in need of a programmer, or are programmers often part of the initial group? More directly, would it be better for me to try to find an established group, or try to find people that want to try their hand at game development and found/co-found a group myself?
And are there active game devs (professional or not) in the Viborg area or nearby cities?

Bonus info:
I'm a few months away from a masters in Robot Systems, which provides me with a couple of different skills that I consider useful as a game dev, such as C++, control systems, and AI behavior.

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Re: A need for programmers? Mid-Jutland groups?

Unread post by ZeroHero » 21 May 2019, 11:13

I will keep it in English... I think it varies a lot from team to team. I have been working for companies that would have a group of creative minds working out a game play and would hand it over to programmers to implement the features required. Whereas other companies would also have programmers involved in the creative process but mainly to be able to their input at a technical level. Having said that, if you look at smaller indie developers you will often find programmers starting a project and later add artists to the project when needed. I have been working with people at AAA studios who are creating their own projects on the side, so it would be great for you to get involved in any projects like that to gain experience, even if the project is hobby based you will still learn a lot. Also keep in mind that hobby projects are often passion projects, so people on the team are often very engaged and the team spirit is high, which is the best situation you can ask for as developer. Since you are a student I would recommend to look for projects that got a team with at least members who already has professional experience in the game industry. The problem with being in an inexperienced team is you will often be too ambitious and you will gradually burn out and the project will eventually collapse, or you will in general make a lot of mistakes and poor decision along the way which can affect the performance and spirit in the team a lot. You mentioned that you know C++ which is great but a lot of indie developers use Unity and for that you will need to use C#. C++ is used in Unreal (at least a C++ like version) but mainly C++ is used by Engine Developers which is very different to Game Developers or for mobile app development to boost performance. At the moment I am using C++ for writing a 3D modelling/animation software for Android, which is a lot of fun, if you are interested you can read more about my hobby project at www.Pixie3D.com

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