A Question of Class

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A Question of Class

Unread post by JesperSB » 05 May 2020, 07:15

So I'm making my little game.
It is my steam game number 4, so the name should be something with 4....
"4 Classes, many paths."

(1st core, 2nd Circle, 3rd invasion...)

I wanted to make it a AD&D Top down game.

I have the 3 first characters:
  • Fighter. Swords and Axe aka. close range.

    Bowman. Bow or Daggers, Range if possible.

    Mage. Spells and conjuration.

I was starting planning a 4th class, as a Psionics. Mind over matter.

(And it would make the story, about a virus that killed people without Psi skill, or turned them in zombie if they have to low Psi skill.)

But I should maybe use one of the other Basic AD&D characters, before starting looking at others.

If You should choose the 4th class in the basic AD&D, what is pros and cons, to the different classes.?

Of course: A Cleric, that can control/turn undead, are a fun idea.

Second thing to consider is that at level 10, you get to choose a second class, like a Mage-Fighter.

Fighter-Cleric would make You a Paladin.?!?

Just a Hypnotist making a hobby game for steam.

Try the WebDemo on https://slankehypnose.dk/my-steam-games/

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