Should we be talking less danish?

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Re: Should we be talking less danish?

Unread post by eMilk » 05 May 2013, 21:40

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Re: Should we be talking less danish?

Unread post by David Lindberg » 21 Feb 2015, 11:46

We should start out by asking ourselves, what do we attain by speaking Danish?

The point of this forum, I believe, is to meet people, get inspired and have any pertinent(to whatever topic it might be) questions answered. Let's isolate two separate contexts, within which choosing either language might be beneficial:

- If we were to look at a local development team internally, there might be some cultural values that can only be conveyed by speaking Danish. So from that aspect, it might hold some merit. But those conversations do not take place in public forums such as these - or very rarely do.

- On these forums, I believe we would attain far more value(use, whatever term you prefer) from having a more inclusive language standard. Denmark is a small country - we want to be as open as possible, if we are to cultivate additional growth. If we are to attract individuals from outside of Denmark, we cannot assume that their interest in the country's game development scene, also means that they've dedicated themselves to learning the language.

If we go back and re-examine our primary criteria, we'll quickly realize that having an inclusive language standard, aids all the listed items:

- It's easier to meet people if we speak English (1200 million users), than if we speak Danish (about 7 million users).

- "Being inspired" is a bit finicky, but if we narrow it down to having maximized exposure and renown among your peers, for being "inspirational" in your postings, we'd have to pick the biggest audience again.

- This is more of a personal evaluation, but while Danish is a complicated language, English is far more suited for expressing technical issues and ideas. It also decreases the number of duplicate questions, if it was initially in English - someone who doesn't speak Danish would not know what to search for. Another point in the case would be the fact that we get indexed by Google. If we ask and answer our questions in English, they will be searchable on the internet, which has the potential for attracting the attention of the international crowd once again.

Those are my two cents in the matter
~ Dave

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