PLEASE give us your opinion of our 2player QuizApp :)!
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PLEASE give us your opinion of our 2player QuizApp :)!

Unread post by » 02 Mar 2016, 21:21

What is Clueio and what is this APP about?
Clueio is not just another Quiz App! Clueio lets you convert your interests into quiz games. How? Well visit our website to see how fun and easy it is:

We know that many are of the opinion that Quiz apps are abound and we don’t need more of those games. Please give us a chance to prove why Clueio is different and why this Quiz app matters. If we after that ain’t got you hooked, then you can play the blame-game on us!

Clueio is the first and only platform for user-generated quiz games. It’s a 2player game where each player gets half the answer so you can't solve the games without working together with a friend on the APP!

Clueio arose as a reaction to various quiz game where all games are premade and not User Generated - ie without the possibility for the user to make their own games based on their own interests. Instagram gave the world a platform for our inner amateur photographer. Clueio will be the platform for our inner Bezzerwizzer! Make your interest into a game with Clueio. Do you know a lot about e.g. Starwars, Sneakers or Ships, then convert your knowledge into playful quizzes for like-minded people to play and "follow" you and your games.

So, where are we now?
We have designed the app and are getting it programmed as we speak in India right now. So far we have an almost finished prototype ready for iOS. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford also to get the prototype programmed in Android too (sorry androids).

Where are we going?
We would like to have the prototype tested to see if there are others than our friends and us that thinks that Clueio is a fun idea. So please feel free to check out more on our website ( and please subscribe to become a tester if you like what you see ☺

If the test is positive or you're a programmer who thinks it sounds exciting!
If we get a positive response on our prototype we want to set all in on building a really good APP for you to play!
Although we have been diligent with designing the app it's like our programmers in India unfortunately can’t create the app, we set out to do. There are still so many flaws in the prototype that we are afraid that our current programmers won’t be able to deliver much more than a prototype. Our problem is that we have used all our money on the prototype and now we haven’t a pile of gold to pay some new programmers to make us the final version.
If you want to hear more, partner up, have some feedback or are just curious about clueio, then please write us. Don’t be afraid we won’t bite – on the contrary we will probably hug you! We could really use all kind of feedback so please see our webpage ( or write an email to: with what ever you may want to say ☺

Best regards
The Clueio Team
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Re: PLEASE give us your opinion of our 2player QuizApp :)!

Unread post by Thomas Ryder » 05 Mar 2016, 15:31

Hi Clueio team,

The purpose of your post is somewhat clouded to me. It seems you're fishing for both interest, feedback, partners and investors in one go. A more focused post would probably give you more focused feedback.

According to the headline, you want our feedback on the app - which we can't play. The only thing left to comment on is therefore the screenshots and descriptions on your homepage.

Clueio looks like a fine and simple quiz app that combines some familliar quiz-stuff with a few new ideas. The graphics are really nice and judging from the screenshots on your homepage, it looks like a game I'd play.

I think however that your marketing effort could use a little spring cleaning. When I visit your homepage, it states that "everybody's talking about it". When you say 'it', I guess it refers to the Clueio quiz app. I'm not sure how many people 'everybody' is, but I Googled Clueio, and I actually can't seem to find anyone talking about it. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but until I see some kind of proof, I'm tempted to assume that you're simply bullshitting.

What had me fact-checking in the first place was that your homepage states that "This game is played by people you know, just to name a few: Bruce Wayne, Bond girls and the president himself Frank Underwood!". This puzzled me, since the game isn't out yet. Again I Googled it, and I can't find any external sources confirming that these people are playing Clueio. Maybe because they're fictional. Is this meant to be a joke? If it is, I don't understand it. Anyways, once again it seems to me that you're bullshitting.

If I were to work (for free I guess) for you - or if I were to invest my money in your company, my two minimum requirements would be honesty and seriousness from your side. Reading that "Bruce Wayne plays Clueido" on your homepage, makes me think of a sales pitch from The Wolf of Wall Street, and displays the very opposite of honesty and seriousness.

That said, I think it looks like a great game. All the best of luck to you guys.

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Re: PLEASE give us your opinion of our 2player QuizApp :)!

Unread post by » 06 Mar 2016, 12:01

Hi Thomas

Thank you for the feedback!

When saying that everyone is talking about it and right after talking about fictional characters playing the game, it was without doubt a joke. Sorry you didn't get it. Maybe it's just because its not funny. Maybe it's because the subscription page were meant to give this fresh-fun-energy (known from American advertising) where a reader would know immediately that Batman of course doesn't play Quiz Games.

Our intention with the post were to gain an overall feedback on the App and gameplay through our homepage, and that hopefully someone with an interest would sign up to be a beta-tester.

If there where any programmer thinking that they would like to be part of this we thought that we wanted to give heads up saying that after the prototype was done, we probably would need a new programmer to make the final

But thanks again for your reply we will definitely take your feedback into consideration!

Best regards
The Clueio Team

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