Ghost Ship Games - Playtest Panel

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Ghost Ship Games - Playtest Panel

Unread post by Cookiemann » 30 Jan 2019, 14:45

Hey you awesome people !

Especially you, who are able to visit our office in Copenhagen, Denmark. We at Ghost Ship Games, are starting to set up a small Playtesting lab! Yes, Playtesting. We are looking for playtesters (volunteers), who are able to get to our offices here in Copenhagen Denmark, to come and help us playtest Deep Rock Galactic!

Our address is, Wildersgade 41A, 1408 København. We are close to Christianshavn Metro st. and bus 2A, 9A, 37 and 350S.

So if you want to help us testing some new stuff out, are able to get to our offices and enjoy playing video games, no matter your skill set, then follow this link: ... g/viewform

Please share this with your friends, if you know they are also able to help out!

It is preferred if you haven't played our game before :)

Note: It is volunteer based.
Mads H. Nielsen
QA & Community Manager at Ghost Ship Games

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Re: Ghost Ship Games - Playtest Panel

Unread post by JesperSB » 30 Jan 2019, 15:30

If kids welcome, then I can post it on the Coding pirates sites.?

My page:

Can be hired for (external) Grafik work.

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