Miaxmo - Experience - Anyone

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Miaxmo - Experience - Anyone

Unread post by ZAXIS » 08 Feb 2020, 19:10

Hi All

Is there anybody you there who has any experience with Miaxmo or other software using pre-made animations. Eg with in- and export from Max/Maya. Animation blending animations and importing into unity.

We are working on very early stages of our next story-driven game and are looking for the right tools for cost-effective character animation tool.

All suggestions, links and advice will be mush appreciated.


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Re: Miaxmo - Experience - Anyone

Unread post by Wikzo » 08 Feb 2020, 19:35

We used a few animations and rigs from Mixamo in Lightmatter (Unity). Was easy to work with, even for a non-animator like myself :) I basically took some characters from the website and blended a bunch of walking and idle animations using Mecanim.

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