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Sunset Hardcore - my very first game

Posted: 21 Jun 2020, 18:16
by DragonsWorkshop

Hello everyone! My name is Mykhailo, I am new here, but I would like you to see my very first complete mobile indie game Sunset Hardcore. I really want to know community opinion. Its free to play, it consists ads but can be done without any! It is hardcore game, hard to complete, but possible for sure. There are 9 levels, I know only one person, who pass 4 levels. I create it as challenge game so you can share here, how many did you pass.


YOUTUBE trailer:

GOOGLE PLAY: ... SunsetDown

APP STORE: ... 1511298871





Supported languages:

1)Native languages:

English, Ukrainian, Russian;

2)Google translate:

Chinese-Simplified, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese.

Development Costs:

1) 3-4 moths of development from zero + courses - $100;

2) Music from youtube audiolibrary licensed under Creative Commons - $0;

4) Aseprite program - $10;

5) Macbook air 2009 - $100;

6) IPhone SE - $100;

7) Apple developers license - $100;

8) Google developers license - $25;

9) Voxel Busters Unity plugin - $50;

Summary: $485

How you can help me:

1) Cover my development costs - $485 and became my General Supporter. I will add your project link to ingame General Supporter’s page, will add pre-start few second of your logo, will add you to each topic of 300 forums, where I show my game.

2)Support me on Patreon. I will add your name to ingame supporters page:

3)Upload your “LetsPlay” video on YouTube, so I can see how you done it. Moreover, I decided initiate challenge – first 100 players who finish the game and provide me video, will get 1 random Steam game CD-key;

4)Want help me with bad Google translate languages or add another language? Contact me

5)Join my Discord group:

6)Join my Telegram group:

7)Download Sunset Hardcore and leave feedback!

8)Tell your friends about this game

9)Share your opinion about game in this topic.

Fill free ask me any questions!

Thank you for your attention!

Re: Sunset Hardcore - my very first game

Posted: 22 Jun 2020, 18:53
Hi Mykhailo!.. Just gave it a >quick< play of a couple of minutes on the iOS version.

Pretty good job for a first game! :)
I like the lowfi visuals and overall mood.
Controls are tight and ok!

A few issues you should work with from my perspective and very short playtime.

- NOT a big fan of starting over from scratch when you fully die. It just feels like a needless timesink from a player perspective.
- The pause button is placed right next to shooting and jumping buttons. BIG mistake as players will press pause by mistake. Suggestion would be to place it in the top right corner.
- Elevator platforms can be a bit hard to see. Some sort of a better visual que would be great of moveable platforms.
- Perhaps the addition of some sort of reloading timer very visible to the player. Sure the button pops back on the screen when you are ready to shoot. But the player's focus should be on the action.
- The shooting could feel more satisfying. Add a bigger animated muzzle flash and shotgun burst of projectiles impact the enemies and environment.
- Also killing enemies could need a lot more frames of animation and blood particles to make it feel more satisfying.
- I don't know if there are the classical explosive barrels in the game. But it could be interesting with the physics. Push barrels closer to a group of enemies to blow the all up at one. Especially more interesting with limited ammo. The the player is forced to play a little smarter.
- Instead of "energy" as a resource you have to manage. It might be better to have ammo as a limited resource. So there is more of a player decision of when to flight or fight. Instead of just dying when out of energy which is kind of an annoying mechanic.

Can't comment on how interesting enemies and levels are further in the game. But enemy design was very basic in my play session.

Otherwise good job and post! And best of luck with the project. :)

Re: Sunset Hardcore - my very first game

Posted: 24 Jun 2020, 08:09
by DragonsWorkshop
Hey,, huge thank you for your reply!
1) Yes, its more like old school game, maybe its not good type of games for this days.
2) Pause button is useless for gameplay, so I decided hide it from field of view. But if you accidently press it.. will keep it in mind.
3) Almost all interactible objects marked with white pixel, I hope its enough too see :)
4-8) Will keep it in mind for future games. I am too exhausted to do something else in this game :)
No, there is no explosion barels in the game, but you can push off enemies
Yea, energy resources management might to be not as interesting, as I thought :)

The aim of this project was to be 100% completed, so I pass throught the most of development aspects, so I hope next game will be much much better.

Thank you for your time!

Re: Sunset Hardcore - my very first game

Posted: 24 Jun 2020, 08:34
No prob! :)

A 100% completed and released game is a huge accomplishment in itself for a solo developer especially.
It's so easy to not finish projects and/or get side tracked with new ideas. So good job! :)

Looking forward to the next project!

Re: Sunset Hardcore - my very first game

Posted: 26 Jun 2020, 19:41
by DragonsWorkshop
Thank you for your kindness:)

Ohh, nobody didn't even try it? :(