Growing Games Online: Recruitment & Team Diversity

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Growing Games Online: Recruitment & Team Diversity

Unread post by Interactive_Denmark » 03 Nov 2020, 17:18

Hi All

We have a new Growing Games workshop lined up for November 18th about recruitment and team diversity. Official description follows below :)

How do you find and recruit the right people for your team?

Everybody agrees, that having the right team is incredebly important to reaching the goals you set for your company. But only a minority of companies start out with the perfect team. And as ambitions grow, the need for more team members increases.

But how do you find the right people for your team? How do you make people want to work at your company? And how do you find the best candidate for you, among the applications for an open position? And how do you ensure you hire to create a balanced and diverse team?

And once you’ve found your candidate, what are your legal obligations regarding contract, insurance, vacation pay and working conditions?

Join us for a special online edition of Growing Games, where we will try and answer all of the above questions through both talks and exercises.


Adam Jones, Lead Recruiter at Playdead.
Will talk about recruitment from a problem solving perspective. What is the problem you are trying to solve, and how do you reach the best solution to that problem, including studio profiling, international vs. local, interview process, growing you network & much more.

Jenifer Clausell-Tormos, CEO & Founder, Develop Diverse.
Will talk about diversity in game development teams, using a combination of hands-on activities and talks to highligt bias in hiring and provide tangible tools developers can use in their future hires.

Julie Lindberg Hollegaard, Lawyer
at the Danish Producers Association Will give an introduction to the formal requirements when employing other people. Contracts, insurance, rights, and salary.

Tim Garbos, Creative Director at Triband
Triband has recently been expanding substantially with a lot of new hires. Tim Garbos will talk about the initiatives they have set in motion for this, feedback from job seekers, and what the results have been.

The event is free, but signup is required.

Note: Due to COVID-19, this edition of Growing Games will be conducted as an online workshop through Zoom. Will take place on Nov. 18th from 12:30 - 16:00

Join us by signing up here: ... 1547481530
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Re: Growing Games Online: Recruitment & Team Diversity

Unread post by AlexPradt » 02 Apr 2021, 19:25

How often do you use recruiting agencies to expand your developer staff?

"How do you find and recruit the right people for your team?" - A very good question. Should I outsource development or form my own development team? We tried to answer this question in our article

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