Can anyone recommend an Android dev?

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Can anyone recommend an Android dev?

Unread post by SpaceToast » 06 Aug 2023, 17:13

I'm beginning to look into an Android port of my cozy-horror iOS XR game "Lillie is the Keeper."

It shouldn't be a big job, for someone already set up with Google's app store ecosystem. It's a Unity 2022 URP app, using AR Foundation for 3d tracking. The only challenges would be haptics, as it's using an iOS-only plugin, and some of the graphics might need to be scaled back. The codebase is mature, with v1.4 in the pipeline. (Rowing, and animated seagulls, anyone?)

It would be on some sort of revenue-sharing model (like, Android dev keeps the Android proceeds, in exchange for keeping it up to date with the iOS version) as I'd rather see it out in the wild than wait until I can work-for-hire the port. If you know anyone I should talk with (preferably here in Denmark), hit me up:

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Re: Can anyone recommend an Android dev?

Unread post by RDJ » 07 Aug 2023, 12:50

Very interesting.
Best of luck!

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