🎮 Exciting News from Spilprisen 2024! ✨

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🎮 Exciting News from Spilprisen 2024! ✨

Unread post by Spilprisen » 11 Dec 2023, 18:16

This year, we're thrilled to unveil a game-changing update – introducing two new categories for the Best Live Game award. 🏆

Spilprisen's Executive Committee recognizes the dynamic landscape of Danish game development and aims to spotlight the evolving nature of games through updates. 🕹 🔄

The division into Best Live Game Free-to-Play and Best Live Game – Premium Game ensures a fair evaluation of games with diverse business models.

Emil Kjæhr from the Executive Committee explains, "This nuance is now incorporated into Spilprisen, making it better equipped to evaluate games on equal footing."

With the new Best Live Game categories Spilprisen celebrates the unique challenges and innovations in both free-to-play and premium gaming models.

Read more: https://spilprisen.dk/en/how-to-submit/ ... ategories/

Submission for Spilprisen is OPEN! 🚀 Don't miss the chance to showcase your masterpiece and be part of Spilprisen 2024! The deadline for submissions is January 11th, 2024, at 2 pm.

For a deeper dive into this year's categories and submission details, click here: https://spilprisen.dk/en/how-to-submit/

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