An artist that want's adventure and CV ;)

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An artist that want's adventure and CV ;)

Unread post by Steffen Kabbelgaard » 04 Aug 2012, 19:08

BetaDwarf will probably be in Estonia from September and onwards for 3-5 months.

We are going to investigate what has to offer while finalizeing our game FORCED, meaning that we won't relocate office back to Denmark before it's done.

So if you are a talented artist who has no problem wandering the pipelines of modelling and texturing and you want to:
- Be among the best developers in the world, because you are able to learn/progress 10 hours per day.
- Get an interesting CV at the fastest possible time.
- Get a network of European game developers.
- Get mentored by veterans like Waylon Brinck and others see gamefounder mentors.
- Be part of a team that releases a Steam and/or Console game, featuring gladiators and player shared avatars in a cool handpainted rpg setting.
- Get a lot of Dwarf friends.
- And a plane ticket to Estonia (not much else is covered - think of it as a payed education, but if you rock we will figure out at least a bonus)

Well then please contact me at: because we need to checkout the chemistry asap before we go to Estonia.

Nevertheless you should do things like joining a team you don't know for 3+ months in another country without payment - every now and then, it will be at least interesting and.. different ;)

Looking forward to hear from you,


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