Game Designer/Gameplay Programmer Looking for job!

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Game Designer/Gameplay Programmer Looking for job!

Unread post by projectolle » 02 Oct 2014, 11:32

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a job!

I have been here for some time, and even had the pleasure of meeting a couple of you from time to time. This post will not be as many of the "I'm looking for hire" post you have seen before though.

Last summer I completed my Master Thesis at AAU-Cph (Medialogy), I was really excited and thought to myself that now all I had to do was to get a job, however, that proved to more difficult that one might except.

Since last summer I have done a number of freelance jobs, both as a designer and a programmer, amongst those are Game Masterz and Ghost's Rig21 (soon to be released). I have also been teaching youngsters at Højer Design Efterskole in Game Design, Programming and General use of Unity3D.

Suffice to say making games is my passion. Even so much that I got so frustrated (twice) of not having a regular job that I started my own company, first Dark Orb Studios which never released anything, and second NullReferenceEntertainment which is working on the first title still.

I will have no need to tell the people in here, that game development is a tough thing to make a living on, and especially when trying to compete on the international marked which I also tried (people in India are very cheap workforce). But I will tell the companies out there to cut us new guys some slack I am highly skilled at designing, and I am highly skilled at prototyping game ideas, which is something many designers unfortunately are not that good at. I would love almost any game or level design job in the business, but the business in Denmark is a little uptight.

Most of the job postings often require 3+ years of experience and 1-3 released titles. I am afraid I cannot offer 1-3 released titles. What I can offer is deep devotion, passion without compare, and a commitment to the task which few can compete with.

I know that some of this might seem rather offensive to some employers out there, and that is okay. I am not being rude or a smart-ass. I know that budgets are limited, and experienced devs are needed by everyone. But I also feel that many really good inexperienced developers are thrown in the ocean to drown .

I will not list a full list of my skills, that is what linked in is for, so here is my link: and I also have a blog, which I will update soon:

Also I will share this: ... _jAqa?dl=0 this is three projects I worked on during my education, they are all windows builds so Mac users are a bit left behind I am afraid. Else be welcome to visit: ... _jAqa?dl=0 Though I am afraid that one build continues to make trouble in the webplayer

I would also love to say, other than I am an awesome developer, then my soon-to-be-wife also makes really REALLY good cupcakes, so there is a direct benefit of hiring me

I work freelance, but would love an employment even more.

Best Regards,
Danny L. Nielsen
The happy, yet a bit desperate-job-hunting game developer.
Freelance game developer for hire:

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