KnapNok Games is hiring a game designer!

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KnapNok Games is hiring a game designer!

Unread post by Lau Korsgaard » 18 Dec 2015, 16:03

KnapNok Games is hiring a game designer!
KnapNok Games is looking for a good all-round game designer capable of doing everything from getting shit done in Unity to creatively lead small productions.

You will be working on bleeding edge projects in the space between games, toys and new emerging technologies. You will be part of 10-20 people productions and therefore wear many hats, everything from writing and illustrating design specifications over ongoing quality assurance to level and puzzle design.

Expected competences:
• Excellent at communicating game mechanics visually and in text.
• Experience with interaction design especially in relation to new interfaces and new technologies.
• Ability to make original, elegant and fun game design, achievable and within the scope of the context of the production.
• Preferably have an eye for creating environments full of beauty and story.
• Preferably an explorer of real life physical play such as folk games, toys, board games, party games and installations.

About KnapNok Games
KnapNok Games is an award winning diverse indie studio located in the center of Copenhagen. We design play situations, not just games. We design the social and physical context the game is situated in, and we are deeply interested in what implications and opportunities the hardware, controllers and input systems have for shaping this context. We work on our own original IPs as well as taking on interesting client work that gives us opportunities to learn and develop. We are in a constant transformation, and can’t tell you much about the future, but we want you to be part of it.

If you have any questions, direct them to

How to apply

Fill out this form:

It is a small test in various areas of game design. We will follow up with further questions to the most promising applications.


We are planning to hire someone in early spring 2016, or whenever the right candidate shows up. So apply as soon as possible.

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