Aalborg-based startup looking for partner/artists

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Aalborg-based startup looking for partner/artists

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I am looking for individuals interested in joining a game development startup venture, currently Aalborg-based, but physical presence is not a requirement.
Currently working full-time with nothing but my savings, I am looking for ambitious, hopeful developers or artists who want to make a break in the industry.

About me
My name is Mathias Alexander Ibsen, I am 22 years old, and I live outside Aalborg.
I knew I wanted to do games for a living ever since the age of 10, and I have been working towards that goal since.
I have studied at Aalborg University and earned a bachelor degree in Software Engineering, and after working full-time for half a year
and completing army basic training, I had acquired substantial savings and had little obligations.
The perfect time to throw everything into pursuing my ambition.

I am a talented programmer and game designer; skills I have acquired through both education and self study.
I have been an organizer on the danish Game Development Camp twice, as well as a participant, I have been a Unity3D
consultant for Aarhus Tech HTX, and I have worked QA on Bombshell at Interceptor Entertainment.
Other than that, I have participated in a number of game-jams and workshops all over Denmark.

About Fireshore Entertainment
Fireshore is the name of the company I've founded as the basis of my career in game development.
The company was conceived July 2015, but went serious in June 2016 when I turned it full-time.
It is Aalborg-based, with office spaces currently rented in the open environment of Rocket Labs Aalborg.
I have a business outline for the company, which is as follows:
  • Develop simple, quality mobile games targeting teens primarily
  • Focus on modular, reusable assets and code and help fund development by selling some of these on asset stores
  • Grow the company through innovating the mobile games industry
  • When profitable with enough employees, use funds to start moving to more ambitious PC/console development
The company currently only consists of me; mainly a programmer. I am currently working on a mobile stealth game, but as it is very early, I have little to showcase.
Instead, here's a look at one of the games I've made (still need an artist for visuals before I can release):

Who am I looking for
  • You are ambitious and determined to make a name for yourself in the game industry.
  • You are willing to put time and effort into a game project, not knowing if it will pay off.
  • You preferably have talent in 3D animation and visual design, a basic knowledge of Unity and a game developer's mindset.
  • Industry experience is absolutely not required, as I expect you to be fresh out of education in your field of choice.
  • You are into startup culture and the idea of creating your own path in the industry.
  • You have a minimum of 10 hours per week available for work.
If you're interested in joining forces with me, I want to be clear on the following:
I pay office rent and licenses using my own private savings, as I want to remain independent and investor-free.
I am not looking for an employee, I am looking for a partner -- on the same terms as I am. Salaries will be paid
both of us when there is income to do so. I want you to be an equal part in the design process, and help shape
the games we create to fit our common vision.

It is a gamble, and personally, I would not have it any other way.
If this is not for you, I am also open to paying for specific visual assets on a commission-type contract.

Best regards,
Mathias Alexander Ibsen

Get in touch with me:
(+45) 42 50 15 10

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Re: Aalborg-based startup looking for partner/artists

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22! Godt gaaet! Hold hovedet hoejt! Det skal helt sikkert nok lykkedes!

/ Peter

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