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[unpaid] 3D Environment Artist needed for animation short

Posted: 19 Jul 2016, 11:05
by buchardt
[unpaid] 3D Environment Artist needed for high quality animation short


At my new job in England I’ve met some talented people and one them have started a volunteer project on Artella: ... 1/overview

It’s my colleague, concept artist Jenny Harder, who’re running the project. I thought there might be some talented upcoming 3D environment artists who wanted their name on cool project like this.

The only thing needed is talent, hardware/software and the ability to speak a little english =)

Check out more at Facebook:
Contact Jenny for questions here: harderjenny [at]
See Jenny Art Station profile here:



Is it possible to make pictures smaller with a tag?

Re: [unpaid] 3D Environment Artist needed for animation shor

Posted: 20 Jul 2016, 23:11
by uluulu
Looking through her portfolio, then I began to wonder if she would be open to leave Gobo and join a smaller studio instead ;-)