Looking for programmer for fast past shooting game

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Looking for programmer for fast past shooting game

Unread post by Tumme » 26 Aug 2017, 17:56

Hey everybody,

We are looking programmers to join the development team for our game Trailer park racing. You will help code different functionalities for the game. There are still a lot of different coding task we need to complete, so you have a wide range of areas to choose from.

Engine: Unity3d 2017.

• Experience with coding in C# or Javascript.
• Untiy3d 2017 knowledge
• Know how to use GitHub.
• Maintain and write efficient code.
• In the appointment period where you work on the project, You MUST be willing and fully able to spend at least 10-20 hours per week on this project (of course when you are on vacation or exam etc. you don’t have to work, you just have to inform us, so we can plan accordingly). If you have any doubts about this, please do not apply.

About the game:
Trailer Park Racing is a fast paced, competitive multiplayer vehicular combat game, with intense, chaotic battles and random events which can change the outcome of a match/encounter completely. The main goal is total destruction of your enemies. You can do this as co-op team or by taking your chances in manic free-for-all matches. The player will assume the role as one of the participant in the deadly demolition “Trailer Park” race. The player can kill the enemies with the different collectible weapons you gain by picking them up around the different maps or by wreaking havoc on your enemies by crushing them beneath the destructible buildings and map elements.

Right now, all the basic elements for the game are almost complete. This means that the game is a in a playable state, and we are having fun playing it so far.
The plan for the game is to be released on Steam first, then later on Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation store.

What can we offer you?
It depends on the agreement you choose to make with us. There are two types of agreement. It should be said, we can’t offer money yet. You can start out on agreement 1, and switch to agreement 2 and vice versa, we are quite flexible there.
•Agreement 1: You will join the team for specific amount of time or tasks. It will be possible to extend the period, if both parties agrees on it. If you choose this agreement, you will get a recommendation from us and you can add all the thing you have worked on to your portfolio.
Agreement 2: You will join the project and fellow it to the end. If you choose this, you either get royalties or share of the game. However, it should be said that you will not get a share or anything else, until you have shown for a while that you are dedicated to the project.

Current team is:
Tobias “Tumme” Rasmussen – Writer, Project Director, Programmer.
Christopher “Topper” Hedegaard – Lead Programmer.

What are you waiting for? If you are interested in joining the team, please apply to:
We will review all application, and get back to you soon as possible. It may take up to 7 days before you hear from us.

You are also welcome to write to us, if you have any question.

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Re: Looking for programmer for fast past shooting game

Unread post by Kristian Hedeholm » 30 Aug 2017, 18:11

Just a quick protip: it should be said in the title that the job is unpaid ;)

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