2D ARTIST SEEKS: 8 weeks internship -> work -> profit!

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2D ARTIST SEEKS: 8 weeks internship -> work -> profit!

Unread post by KGYami » 19 Sep 2017, 10:40

Hi there, I’m Sarah and I’m looking with flashlight and flares for my place in the world of games and entertainment.
I hope you’re looking for someone like me because I’m looking for you!

My online Portfolio http://sarahdamm.dk/Gallery.aspx
Resume (ENG) http://sarahdamm.dk/Sarah%20Damm%20Resume%202017.pdf
Resume (DA) http://sarahdamm.dk/Sarah%20Damm%20CV%202017.pdf

I have a A-Level High School degree, I've graduated Multimedia Design with Specialty in Games and I have both national and international game experience as a game artist. I have been in Seattle, for example, working on a game project at Washington University.

I primarily work in Photoshop with all my projects and assignments but I have some experience in 3DsMax, Unity and Visual Studio. I own a Pro Version of Spriter but haven’t gotten as far as actually mastering it yet but along with Spriter, Adobe Illustrator or InDesign or any 3D Program I’m always willing to learn and master new programs and techniques.

I'm a fresh and fun young semi-small chic chick, living on the tip of Denmark’s nose, just balling about in this nerdy society. I’m in a relationship but live with my roomie and our two cats. I’m a multipotentialite, meaning that I have various areas of interests and love trying new things. One day I’m pickling and focusing on yardwork, another modelling with real clay and the next, who knows?

I’m a Jack of All Trades, Master of None but still better than a Master of One. But my work mainly consists of 2D Art such as concept design, texturing, character design, sprite sheets and general digital illustrations. I love sparring with my team about ideas and concepts, troubleshooting potential game scenarios and keeping myself orientated on the project at hand while helping others.

I currently live in Grenaa but I am willing to move for a good job but I might require some assistance depending on distance. Especially if we are talking about moving to Zealand or out of the country.
But other than that, I can start tomorrow, 1 month from now or yesterday!

Last time I submitted to this site I was very fortunate to get a whole month internship at PortaPlay and they were very kind to write me this recommendation, where they, very generously, describe how it was working with me off-site:

Recommendation: http://sarahdamm.dk/Anbefaling%20-%20Po ... %20ENG.pdf

Contact me on email, PM me here or look me up on Discord or even Skype, just remember to tell me who you are and what your purpose is, otherwise I won’t accept! You’re also very welcome to ask me questions on this thread.

Sarah Iversen Damm
8500 Grenaa

Email: contact@sarahdamm.dk
Discord: #6807KGYami
Skype: KGYami


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