Programmer looking for 3 months unpaid internship. [FOUND]

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Programmer looking for 3 months unpaid internship. [FOUND]

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I've found a place to work for my interternship and finish my 5th Semester.

Thank you all for the feedback, time and attention that I've received for this post!

Once again, Thank you for your time and feedback!

/Christian Olsen


What’s this about?
My name is Christian Olsen and I’m a Computer Science student at the Copenhagen Business Academy in Kgs. Lyngby.

I’m looking for an 3 months unpaid intership to finish my 5th Semester, which is scheduled to begin in January 2018 and end in April 2018.
My hope is that there might be a small-medium sized development team out there working on a project, that would be interested in taking a eager-to-learn and passionate game programmer to help develop their project and learn from the team. My primary focus during the internship would be programming, but I would also be very interested and absolutely thrilled to learn other aspects of development, such as game design, UI and animation.

Video game development is the reason i chose to become a progammer and so I hope to find a intership within the industry to gain valuable experience, develop my skills and contribute to the team and it’s project in any way I can.

About me
I have been programming for about 2 years with Java & JavaScript primarily focused on backend-development for the web, and have been developing games with Unity and C# for about 6 months.

I’m 27 years old and is known by fellow students and colleagues to be a teamplayer, reliable, dedicated, patient and honest. 

Unity Projects

I’m currently developing a 3D Pirate Game called “Pocket Buccaneers” for iOS, as part of an elective course along with a fellow student, which going to become a part of our exam for the course at the end of the semester. 
My role during development has been programming, designing, planning, UI, and testing the game, and we hope to have a playable version on the app-store up in a few weeks.
In the mean time, I’ve recorded a walkthrough demonstration of an early build of the game, which is available on youtube here:

If you wanna know more, please have a look at my attached documents, such as my Unity Portfolio, Resume/CV and intership information.

Resume/CV: ... mzpSa?dl=0

Unity Projects ... s.pdf?dl=0

Information regarding the Internship ... s.pdf?dl=0

If you have any other questions then please feel free to PM me, send me an email or get in touch by phone.

Best Regards

Christian Olsen
Phone: 31431716

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