Programmer & Unity expert looking for job in Aalborg area

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Programmer & Unity expert looking for job in Aalborg area

Unread post by kasperja » 25 Nov 2017, 14:35


My name is Kasper Jensen Andersen and I'm looking for a paid part time job (about 12-16 hours weekly) in the Aalborg area or Nordjylland.

I have 2½ years of experience in animation, game development and programming C#.

Besides that I have a bachelor in Medialogy, been on a DADIU semester, been to lots of gamejams, and I also have a lot of experience in 2D graphics because I'm an artist in my sparetime.

I have worked a lot in Unity, both as job and on my education.

If a job is possible, there is an opportunity for me to be in internship in 4 weeks before employment.

I'm approved for Flex-job so it might be less costly to employ me than normal employment.

Previous jobs:

Ib the Dog: Animation series for DR Ramasjang and others.
My role: Animator assistant.

Escape! Cannibal Island: Demo of 2D fighting and story based PC game.
My role: Programmer and Unity expert.

SNÖ: Endless Runner released on iOS and Android.
My role: Programmer, game designer and Unity expert.

CV: ... 9.pdf?dl=0

Contact me here:

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