(Lead) Programmer wanted (closed)

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(Lead) Programmer wanted (closed)

Unread post by Frederikdenning » 06 Dec 2017, 12:55

Programmer for 2D point'n'click game


At House of Leafs we are looking for a lead programmer to help us develop our point'n'click adventure game.

About us

We are a small studio of 4 people + freelancers developing an ambitious point'n'click game in Copenhagen. We are still a very young studio, and are hoping to find someone who is interested in being a part of defining the culture of our company.

About the job
We have developed a fully functional prototype, but will need to rewrite everything from scratch. In the beginning you will be working with the former lead programmer, who can no longer continue his work on the project, to create all the tools necessary for design and art. Thus you will have a very solid foundation to start from. The project is developed in Unity/C#.

The most important aspects of the job consists of:
  • Tools programming
    Hard-coding events
You will have a pretty varied job as it is in most small teams, so it's important that you thrive with variation rather than working with one specific system for several years.

Working in small teams/start-up requires dedication, but comes with a lot of responsibility and freedom. That being said, we aim to create a completely reasonable balance between work and life, and we are not expecting you to work overtime everyday.

About you
First and foremost you know how to take responsibility and you strive to create solutions that will work in the long run. You should be happy with taking responsibility and doing things your own way. The project is fairly simple on it's surface, but the underlying design tools are somewhat complex.

If you'd like to be a part of a new company, and help define the culture that's great as well.

Mandatory requirements
  • Experience with Unity
    Coming to the office in Copenhagen Monday - Friday

Major pluses (but not mandatory)

  • Experience with released games on Steam
    Experience with node-based tools programming
    Experience with point'n'click games
    Experience with 2/2.5D
    Experience with 2D shaders/normal maps
    Experience with art pipeline implementations
    Experience as a lead
Contact information

Send a mail to Frederikdenning @ gmail.com with a CV and a couple of lines about why you'd like to work on the project.

The production starts in the beginning of the new year, so the sooner you write the better.

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