Game programmer Unity (Paid)

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Game programmer Unity (Paid)

Unread post by Tue Saarie » 20 Dec 2017, 14:28

We are looking for a game programmer to join our team full time.

Rubicon Games takes math games to a new level, creating awesome game experiences that exercise our player’s math skill.
Our first game Digit Dare is in the app stores. It is a fast-paced addictive math game that explores difficulty and effort.
Our second Game Heroes and Zeroes is a relaxed game that explores the arithmetic system and fosters creativity and math-strategy- thinking. This game has just received funding from DFI.

Your job will be to help with coding jobs on both games.
On Digit Dare the work is production related. Adding features and doing bug work. In the near future, we need to extend that game with a lot more levels and that process needs automation and testing support.
On Heroes and Zeroes we are doing initial prototyping. Tasks related to this project are of a more exploratory and prototyping nature.

You need to be an experienced Unity developer. Specifically, we are looking for experience in the following areas.
Strong coding skills
Building unity editor tools for game designers.
Automated testing
Firebase backend
IOS production cycle
Android production cycle.
Multi-player games (asynchronous)

We are offering a package modest wage and options depending on qualifications.

Rubicon Games is a mission-oriented start-up. We want to improve Mans relationship with math. Today 60% of students suffer from math anxiety leading to math avoidance strategies and poor life decisions. Math is either overwhelming, boring or both and students suffer, feeling inadequate, stupid and undisciplined, learning that they aren’t cut out for big challenges or difficult problem-solving. What’s worse is that we all know of the problem (we all know people who suffered through math) and society seems to accept it, while at the same time it is a solvable problem (we all know people who were put on a better math path). Kick ass math games is the best way to solve this problem turning boring math into play and fear into excitement.

Gamification of math has been done a million times already with somewhat disappointing results. What’s different this time is knowledge learned through game design in a completely different field of games (laps) combined with some tried and tested tropes from digital games.

If you are a brilliant coder looking for meaningful work send us your cv and swing by our office at Spilhuset to try the prototype for Heroes and Zeroes the game that, with your help and hard work, will change how humans consume and feel about math.

We are looking for a full-time coder but if you can only work part-time and you are dying to work on excellent math games we want to hear from you.

Please contact Tue Beck Saarie at and +45 2992 8003.

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