[FOR HIRE] 2D Artist — UI, Animation, Concept Art, Marketing

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[FOR HIRE] 2D Artist — UI, Animation, Concept Art, Marketing

Unread post by StigC » 03 Apr 2018, 09:00

Hi there,

My name is Stig Christensen. I’m 28 years old, newly educated in visual communication, have two years industry experience and are looking for a new challenge.

After finalizing my bachelors in visual communication, I worked two years in London with Payload Studios on shipping their first game, TerraTech, and helped ensure it a safe journey to release. I‘ve worked as a 2D Artist and already have a lot of experience with both production and marketing. I love a good challenge and see any task as a learning experience. I enjoy working alone as well as in groups. As long as there’s a high tempo, I’m in!

I look forward to hear from you.

Here's a link to my portfolio and here's a short clip of my current hobby project.

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