Looking for Intern - interactive drama-documentary (Unpaid)

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Looking for Intern - interactive drama-documentary (Unpaid)

Unread post by vonknut » 07 Apr 2018, 01:30

PortaPlay is looking for an intern to work on a project crossing the boundaries between games, live-action-video and documentary.

We are working on a new project for the Danish Ministry of Education, together with established documentary and drama creators, to create immersing experiences concerning genocide in WW2, Middle east and ex-Yugoslavia. The project is secured distribution to more than 100.000+ danish youngsters. -read more about the project here


We are looking for an intern studying/with a background in audio-visual communication, interaction and storytelling.
-who likes to work with projects that makes a difference.

You will get the opportunity to learn/improve your skills in e.g.:

1) Creation of interactive narrative structures from recorded footage
2) Designing interactivity and user engagement 3) Design of flow and framing of the conceptual experience through graphics and text
4) Fine tune editing of cinematic content to improve involvement
4) Frameworks and editors for interactive video experience

We are looking for individuals with independent thoughts and good judgement.
Design skills, sense of aesthetics and minor web-experience a plus.

You will work together with the team at PortaPlay and the cinematic directors.
We offer a high degree of responsibility and say in design and implementation of the final solution.

Questions and application:
Contact: Hans von Knut - hansvonknut[]portaplay.dk
Application deadline: asap
Application content: C.V. + Portfolio or sample projects
Internship start: late April/May/June


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