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2D graphic designer looking for internship, Copenhagen area

Posted: 13 Jun 2018, 11:16
by Malmer
EDIT: I have found a place! I am very thankful for the different offers I received, and I'm now excited to begin pushing my skills towards this personal huge interest of mine!


Wanting to break into to the world of gaming, I've come to realize, that years of experience outside of gaming development doesn't cut it.
I've made graphics for a few games back in high school, but I need some more recent stuff to show for it, and an internship would serve the purpose of trying to get some footing.

I'm a Dane, living in Copenhagen, having 14 years of experience from both ad agencies and as an in-house graphic designer.
My areas of expertise are pretty broad and adaptive, as I've been central for accommodating needs as clients diversify.

- Vector and bitmap illustration, photo editing, iconography
- Visual identity development, logo, typography
- Web development, responsive design, CSS3, HTML5
- UI, complete responsive solutions for various browser-based software
- Animation and video editing
- Marketing and promotional materials, printed as well as SoMe targeted

I do a lot of other things, like hand drawing and photography, but it hasn't been as prominently been made use of, these past few years.
Full resume:

Contact information:
Martin Malmer
20 97 10 11

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