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The Outer Zone is looking for a programmer/game designer

Posted: 16 Sep 2018, 12:14
by Malte_Burup

I am looking for a programmer/game designer
to join me in making House of Lunacy - a surreal psychiatry simulator.

It's a fictional 2D game with a focus on ethical dilemmas.
It is a mix between a visual novel, a tycoon game and an operation simulator.
The gameplay and experience is similar to Papers, Please, The Red Strings Club and Stories Untold.

I am applying for funding at DFI Spilordningen the October 18th,
and I need a programmer/game designer partner to join me
(as soon as possible) for two weeks to make a prototype for this deadline.
At the same time, I will be looking for a publisher to fund the game.
If the game gets funded I can offer a full-time job for the rest of the game production.

I'm looking for an passionate game programmer (game maker or unity) who also knows a fair bit about game design.
It's important to have a natural passion of narrative games and wanting to do something different with the medium.
The game will be in the "art house" category, so it's a big plus if you like things that stray from the norm.

If you are interested, then please send your CV and thoughts to me:

Malte Burup - The Outer Zone

Re: The Outer Zone is looking for a programmer/game designer

Posted: 11 Oct 2018, 11:32
by Malte_Burup
The position has been filled.
Thank you for your interest.