Looking for 2D/3D artists/animators for project(s)

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Looking for 2D/3D artists/animators for project(s)

Unread post by jackpotdk » 12 Nov 2018, 11:43

I am helping launch a new startup in the online gaming/gambling space, founded by a small, experienced and very ambitious group of game developers.

The team is looking for talented 2D/3D artists/animators interested in joining projects on a revenue share basis. Projects are fairly restricted in scope (2-3 weeks of work per project), so could be taken on as freelance/side projects. Projects are managed remotely, so no need to relocate. The team is very commercially focused and already signing with distribution partners, so although no guarantees are provided, these projects are for profit! Please get in touch with me for more information: thomasn@vanillapp.com

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