Sound Design (Audio) . Looking for people to work with in CPH!

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Sound Design (Audio) . Looking for people to work with in CPH!

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Hello fellow Devs!

My name Is Nicolai Sørensen, I am a professional sound designer, working freelance in my company NRS Sound Design.

I have 3 years experience with asset creation for games, and I have worked with game companies across Europe, with my name on some cool released titles on both mobile platforms and PC/Console. I have a Bachelor's degree in Media- Sonic communication (Which translate to Sound Designer... ) and I have proficient
experience with Unity, C#, Fmod and Wwise.

I am based in Copenhagen and I recently moved from Aarhus, to get closer to the Danish Game action! Games, Sound and Music is my biggest passions, and i am fortunate to be able to combine them.

I would love to hear from you, send me an email and let's have a coffee or better yet... a beer !

Thanks for reading,

Nicolai Rishøj Sørensen.

Game Audio Reel:
Phone: + 45 22 46 25 38.

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