Programmer and Cofounder for 2D Dungeon Crawler

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Programmer and Cofounder for 2D Dungeon Crawler

Unread post by plitarko » 03 Mar 2019, 17:53

Looking for a lead programmer to join our team as a cofounder and code our turn-based 2D dungeon crawler with a twist to it. We have most of the assets ready and a playable demo and need a dedicated programmer who can build our game so we can get gameplay footage ready for crowd funding. As our programmer, you will receive 20% equity and be fully in charge of all programming as we expand and hire more developers. You need to be able to meet with us from time to time, physically, in Copenhagen, although we have weekly sprint meetings on Discord.

Contact me on email if you are interested or have questions and we'll have a chat on Skype/Discord before meeting in Copenhagen.

Our website:




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