Logic Artists is looking for a Quest Designer [CLOSED]

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Logic Artists is looking for a Quest Designer [CLOSED]

Unread post by Ali Emek » 23 Apr 2019, 14:22

Logic Artists is currently looking for a creative and disciplined Quest Designer to assist our writing team with content design, narrative design, and story scripting for tactical turn-based roleplaying games.

You must have some experience with game editors and proprietary tools. You should have a solid understanding of game logic and at least basic experience with scripting languages or even programming.

  • Work closely together with writers to interpret narrative beats in terms of the underlying game logic and how they will affect the surrounding gameplay systems.
  • Design and implement complex branching quests.
  • Provide clear and constructive feedback and input on dialogue and plot.
  • Test and iterate upon your own work and that of others.
  • Maintain and document complex narrative structures.
  • 3+ years in a similar role (content designer, narrative designer, gameplay scripter, etc.).
  • Minimum 1 shipped PC or console title.
  • A highly organised and detail-oriented mindset.
  • Good communication skills and fluent or business level English - written and spoken.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and to handle multiple tasks.
  • Willingness to take responsibility and be part of a highly collaborative team environment.
  • Ability to easily adapt to changing needs and requirements.
  • Ability to prioritise, plan, organise work, manage your own time, and meet deadlines.
  • Able to follow direction and accept criticism.
  • Thrive in an informal, creative environment of highly motivated people.
  • Passion for computer games.
  • Sense of humour.
Bonus skills:
  • Professional editing experience.
  • Experience working with graph-based editors (eg. Articy Draft, Lucidcharts, or Celtx).
  • Experience with the Unreal Engine.
  • RPG-specific experience with content or quest design.
  • Design experience from other fields.
  • RPG aficionado (bonus points if you’ve played any of our games).
We offer you:
  • A chance to work with passionate people in an international environment.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Lunch deal.
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation per year.
  • An exciting chance to work on a popular and growing RPG franchise.
  • A chance to have your voice heard, directly influence the game, and be more than just another cog in a big machine.
Submit short cover letter and portfolio to jobs@logicartists.com.

About us:
Logic Artists is an independent game development studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We develop hard core roleplaying games for PC and consoles with a loyal and passionate fanbase. Logic Artists was founded in 2011, and has become one of the largest game development studios in Denmark. We have published several games including our critically acclaimed historical RPG’s Expeditions: Conquistador and Expeditions: Viking, and we are currently working with THQ Nordic on the next Expeditions game, and with Larian Studios on the next installment of their beloved Divinity franchise, Divinity: Fallen Heroes.

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