[PAID] Senior Developer - Interactive video engine for sports

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[PAID] Senior Developer - Interactive video engine for sports

Unread post by TAX » 29 May 2019, 09:41

Veo is the world’s leading AI powered and affordable football camera solution. We enable all teams around the world to record their football matches without the obstacles of finding a cameraman. By democratizing football we are giving teams access to video analysis, that in the past only were available for the few.

Our innovative dual-lense camera technology records the entire pitch at all times, with two ultra high definition cameras. Our intelligent software automatically follows the ball to create a broadcast view, while offering you the controls with a simple click of your mouse.

We know players are visual learners, seeing themselves play rather than being told of their mistakes is more effective and likely to produce results.

Initially we developed our followcam as a simple rendering. Since then it has evolved into an interactive 3D video engine allowing the end user to navigate the content freely. This work is constantly expanding with new features. We need a passionate developer that can take charge in the further development.

The ideal candidate has
*a proven track record of real-time graphics and web as an interactive platform
*strong knowledge of React/Redux and WebGL
*a strategic overview of possibilities within web, standalone and streaming platforms
*proven himself/herself as a proficient programmer within both production as prototyping
*strong mathematical background (trigonometry, linear algebra)
*strong communication skills
*a solid data science foundation

*a genuine interest in sports
*experience working with mobile platforms
*experience with video streaming
*Github projects
*background in game technologies

Our office is located in the heart of Copenhagen.


https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs ... _I0xXusS9j

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