Mighty Moth is looking for testers [unpaid]

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Mighty Moth is looking for testers [unpaid]

Unread post by Mighty Moth » 31 May 2019, 12:27

We are looking for testers for our game Above.


Above is an aeronautic action-adventure game, set in a flooded world of scattered islands, where flight is freedom and danger lurks deep beneath the ocean waves.

In the game you play as the young woman Maryam, as she breaks the aviation ban of her people and explores a beautiful yet dangerous world in search of her lost brother.

Some information about the test:
  • It will take place at our office in central Copenhagen
  • The game dialog is in english, so english reading skills are required
  • The test will take 45-60 min.
  • We can’t pay you, unfortunately, but we will keep you nourished during the ordeal. :-)

Ready to take to the skies?
Pease get in touch: jeppe@mightymoth.com


For more about the game, check out:

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