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Onsite or remote: framebunker is looking to contract out some IT infrastructure upgrades

Posted: 09 Jun 2019, 18:20
by AngryAnt
framebunker is looking to contract out some IT infrastructure upgrades, eventually needing an itemized breakdown on cost - working out final contract specification with interested party.

Where possible, solutions need to run in Docker containers on an internal NAS. The reliant team is not big, but the flexibility of containers remains preferable. With target hardware ready to go, tasks are purely software installation & configuration - the goal being a largely self-sufficient team with minimum maintenance overhead of the resulting setup.

Optimally this is solved on-site in Copenhagen, but the potential exists for building a solution remotely - by video chat and transmission of compressed containers & scripts.

Target setup includes:

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 - VPN server, granting remote workers relatively easy access to company LAN
 - LAN accessible services:
   - Wiki.js
   - Unity cache server
   - JetBrains:
     - YouTrack
     - Upsource
     - TeamCity
     - Hub
   - git cache
   - git-lfs cache
 - Encrypted backup of:
   - Workstations on the network (macOS, Win10, Ubuntu)
   - Keybase folder structure
   - git repositories
Please feel free to reply here or privately for more information or other follow-up. You are also more than welcome to use the "Questions" function on