HUTLIHUT is looking for a Gameplay Developer (Unity)

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HUTLIHUT is looking for a Gameplay Developer (Unity)

Unread post by Hutlihut » 26 Jun 2019, 10:46

We are a growing game company looking to fill a new position in our game development A-team for our unannounced multiplayer co-op space adventure first-person PC game! You will assist our experienced six people team in the heart of Copenhagen, all sharing a passion for games. We have cookies, too.


Breach! The warp drive isn’t firing! Shields are down! I’m pretty sure we have an oxygen leak somewhere … I told you we should have invested in Stealth tech instead of that coffee machine!

Join us in this intergalactic adventure of space mayhem, where the above is the kind of game you’d be coding.

Check full job posting for more info:

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