Looking for an Artist

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Looking for an Artist

Unread post by OmniOwl » 07 Jul 2019, 16:17

Hey everyone!

My name is Mads and I'm currently looking for a local artist (On Sjælland and preferably Copenhagen but not required) who'd like to make games with me. I'm a programmer myself with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Games; Theory and Design.

I have shipped a single title with my one-man company, working with a bunch of people remotely back in 2017. It was hard work and took about a year to make. We sadly didn't really make money off of it but we proved to ourselves that we could finish a game, which many can't boast of. I primarily did the programming for this and level design.

You can find my entire portfolio here; http://madsolutions.dk/

Now, my problem these days is that I have many ideas and have made quite a few prototypes but I always run into the issue of not really having the assets I'd like to make a fully fledged game. This leads to a lot of little prototypes that never become games. Another issue is also that, doing everything alone gets pretty draining very quickly and motivation dies out. Having someone to spar with and bounce ideas off of helps this, but also provides a person to be responsible to.
In trying to find an artist to work with I hope to fix this and produce games with said artist. We would both provide input on the games we produce and try to get to a point where we can sell those games for people to play.

That does mean we'll both have to work for free until that happens with the idea being to earn money later.

I hope an artist out there is in the same boat as me but doesn't have a programmer to help making their ideas come to life so we can join forces!

Answer this thread or send me a private message if you wanna talk.
There is no requirement that you speak Danish, just that you are sufficiently fluent in English.

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