3D modeller and animator to join our game dev team.

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3D modeller and animator to join our game dev team.

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We are a team consisting of 3 programmers, a 2D visual artist and a sound designer.
Currently we have not officially registered our company but intend to do so soon.
We are currently looking for a 3D modeller and animator to join us in creating a game using the Unity game engine.

Who are we:
Our 3 programmers come from different backgrounds; One has a masters degree in medialogy with specialty in games, another is a web-developer with around 12 years of programming experience and lastly the third is currently finishing their AP degree in computer science.
Our 2D artist is self-taught and very talented when it comes to concept art.
The sound designer is currently finishing his education at the university and has worked with both music and soundscape for multiple years.
We are all currently located around Aalborg and dont expect you to be as we can easily work together long-distance.
And ofcourse all of us have a flare for games and their development :)

before you decide on anything we will ofcourse be more than happy to supply you with some samples of our work once you have contacted us.

What we can offer:
Currently we are not in any position to offer a salary.
We are however interested in making you part of the company with partial ownership.
Besides this we offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where your ideas wil also be taken seriously.

What we expect from you:
We expect you to be capable in; 3D modelling of both characters and enviroment, rigging and animation along with UV mapping.
As the main expert in your field we expect you to be able to work mainly independtently as we have limited knowledge on the subject.
This also means that you are gonna have to tell us whats feasible and whats not so it can be taken into consideration for the overall development plan of the game.
We dont expect you to hold a degree but would still have to see some sort of proof of your expertise.

You can contact us on:

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Re: 3D modeller and animator to join our game dev team.

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Kunne I være interesserede i en praktikant? :)
Jeg skal nemlig have afklaret min arbejdsevne pga. sygemelding.

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