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We are looking for the right person to help us finish our Puzzle/Exploration platformer AIRHEAD.

As our new programmer you will be working closely with our Creative Director and lead programmer to write and optimise our code in order to make a rock solid foundation for our game mechanics, animation system and participate in porting the game to consoles.

At Octato we believe in openness and creating a sense of creative ownership through regular discussions of ideas. We expect you to leave your imprint on the game and participate when we are discussing creative and technical options and alternatives.

You are:
• A nice-to-be-around programmer with passion for technical challenges and problem solving.
• Open to direction, feedback, and discussion.
• Detail-oriented and efficient, high self-motivation and able to take the initiative.
• Energetic, proactive and have great communication skills.

Experience Required:
• 3+ years professional experience with C#.
• 1+ years experience with game development preferably from Unity.
• A College degree in IT.
• Knowledge of current production technologies.
• Significant contributions to at least one AAA game is preferred, but not required.
• Examples of current and past work, demonstrating your skills at programming and project maintenance.

Great Advantages:
• Experience with consoles development.
• Professional experience with shader programming, CG/HLSL.
• A passion for games, especially Puzzle and Exploration games.
• Experience with source control versioning.

This position is, for now, a time limited position running from April 1st until end of December 2020.

Salary will reflect your skills, experience a last but certainly not least your drive and team player skills.

About Octato

Octato is a small studio of passionate game developers, dedicated to creating games and making the time spent at work a great part of our day.

We believe in a healthy Work/Life balance and encourage our employees not to neglect hobbies, family life etc.
At Octato, the entire team will be involved in all aspects of the production, from initial ideation and production planning to finalizing and presenting the finished game.

About Airhead
Airhead is an adventure through a sprawling interconnected world, where you must explore, evolve and overcome intricate puzzles to succeed.
You play as Airhead, a small Body and the round inflated organism it uses as a Head. And while Head is slowly but surely deflating, you have a chance to save its life.
To do so, you must use air tanks to keep Head inflated while you explore Airhead’s metroidvania-style world, searching for abilities and upgrades that will unlock new areas and puzzles for you to overcome.
On your adventure, it will be up to you to piece together the world’s history and uncover the true connection between Head, the air tanks, and the technology that litters the world.
Airhead will be released in Q1 2021 and published by a well-know publisher, which we can't reveal yet :-)

Before Applying
Prior to applying for any position, we expect you to make sure you understand the requirements for the position you are applying for. If you have any questions or are unsure of anything before applying pleas contact us on the email below.
Interviews will be held as applications are received.
Non-EU applicants are required to have the necessary visas to work in Denmark.

If you are interested, please send your application, résumé and other relevant material including a link to your portfolio to
Please write "Programmer application" in the topic field.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Soon

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