[LOOKING FOR] CTO/Co-Founder - Game Startup, Copenhagen

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[LOOKING FOR] CTO/Co-Founder - Game Startup, Copenhagen

Unread post by Philip Wittendorff » 15 Jun 2020, 14:08

Dear developers

I'm looking for a game developer to our game startup, an online PvP PC game. You will become Co-Founder and CTO on the project therefor it's important you have a passion for entrepreneurship and wants to become a leader due to your role as CTO. You'll be responsible for the development, the daily leading of the team, deadlines, the creation our of development team and many more exciting related tasks.

Previous experience with startups ain't an requirement as long as you're willing to put in the work it requires and have some good technical competencies.

Currently it's only me on the team. I'm 23 y/o, AP degree in Financial Management and BA of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
3 years of experience with entrepreneurship and lastly founded and operated a service management company with 4 employees.
I've had this idea which I've been working on as a side project for some time. However it's now become ready for the next level, launching the company. To launch the company I'm in a need of a technical partner (CTO) on the project meanwhile I'll be responsible for the commercial tasks (CEO). So if you feel like you've been holding yourself back from pursuing your dream, to have your own gaming company, due to the lack of commercial competencies or interest such as, how to get funding, how to manage daily operations, financing, law etc. This might be an opportunity for you!

The business plan is done, the primary concept description is done but very likely to get changed based on your inputs, there's proof of concept from 120 gamers and currently in pursue of funding. There's some ongoing dialogues however there won't be granted any funding until the team is set and therefor you must prepared for the first months to be without salary. As Co-Founder you'll own a decent part of the company, more precise will be discussed internally.

If you would like to know more about the project, concept or have any question please don't hesitate to reach out.

Looking forward to meet you

Best regards

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