Sr Developer / co-founder creating the future of interactive entertainment

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Sr Developer / co-founder creating the future of interactive entertainment

Unread post by Nikolaj_Hyldig » 21 Jun 2020, 16:28

We are taking the gameplay experience to the next level, by expanding the emotional range and intensity of games. To achieve this goal, we are developing the world’s first AI-driven content production engine, combining social AI and storytelling. And we are now looking for the right developer with passion and entrepreneurial spirit to join us on this journey.

The technology casts the player as the true main character in deeply interactive, immersive stories. These stories unfold dynamically in response to the player’s actions and are tailored to his or her emotional preferences. This is not science fiction, this is now.

The concept has matured over the past decade and been proven practically through a series of R&D projects at both Aalborg University and OpenStory Group. Since its inception, the gaming eco-system and AI have evolved, and trends in gaming services show us that the timing is now right.

Based on previous experience and continuous dialogue with investors, we are establishing a brand-new company, with a small, heavily vested founder-team, including you.

We offer

● Opportunity to grow within your fields of interest

● Flexible work environment and hours

● Freedom to experiment and pursue your ideas for solutions

● Opportunity to put your mark on the spirit of the company

● Informal work environment that combines team spirit with great individual freedom

● Higher salary-level as our company grows

We expect you have experience in one or more of the following:

● Game development

● C# / Unity3D

● AI and Machine Learning

● Bayesian Networks

● Unit testing / Integration testing

● Be able to work at our office in Aalborg at least two days per week

We’re inviting candidates for interviews on an ongoing basis and will hire when we find the right one. So if you believe we can do good things together, don’t hesitate to apply at:

Read more here:

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