Game Producer with a strong technical background looking for new career opportunities!

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Game Producer with a strong technical background looking for new career opportunities!

Unread post by Wikzo » 03 Aug 2020, 11:36

Hello! My name is Gustav, and for the last four years I've worked as a producer at Tunnel Vision Games on a game called Lightmatter, which was recently released on Steam to critical acclaim. You can watch the game's trailer here.

I am now on the lookout for new career opportunities in the Scandinavian game industry :)

Me as a game producer - TL;DR version
  • Technical background and a knack for seeing things from a systematic perspective
  • Real-life experiences with making tough decisions of cutting features in order to stay within scope and budget (Triple Constraints model)
  • Strong communicator with experience as a facilitator across all major gamedev disciplines
  • Practical experience with agile methodologies (Scrum), Jira and Git
  • Spearheaded communication with key partners, including publishers, investors and platform holders

Contact information
You can reach me via GustavDahl [at] gmail [dot] com or check out my website
You can download my full CV as a PDF here

I like to go above and beyond
I’m a curious problem-solver who enjoy technical challenges. With my background in programming, I have a knack for seeing things from a systematic perspective and identify places where things can be improved. I enjoy organizing projects and thrive when I have a lot on my plate. I’m a detail-oriented person and have a natural aptitude for seeing the big picture, prioritizing what’s important and providing tools that are vital for the team to work efficiently. I also have extensive experience working with versioning tools such as Git and management software like Jira.

I enjoy facilitating projects and making the team perform its best
Working with a diverse group of people, disciplines and skillsets is something that I find very motivating. Being the facilitator of a project has always come naturally to me, because I like to look for opportunities to optimize workflow processes and enhance the communication in a team. I see myself as a strong communicator (verbally and in writing) and have worked with people across all major disciplines within game development, including art, design, audio, programming and publishing.

I know what it takes to ship a title
As both co-founder of and producer at Tunnel Vision Games, I’ve been through the trenches of designing, pitching, developing and publishing a four-year-long game project on Steam. I've used Scrum and agile methods for multiple projects (including backlog planning, sprints, task estimations and daily meetings). I understand the Triple Constraint model and have practical experience with cutting features in order to maintain scope and quality within a project.

I have experience working with key partners (remote & in-office)
As the producer, I’ve been in contact with a multitude of external partners, including investors, technical consultants, platform holders and 50+ publishers in order to negotiate the best deals for the project. Upon request, I can provide a letter of recommendation from Aspyr Media, who I've worked with extensively for the launch of Lightmatter.

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