Spend Gems to HIRE Cognitive Behavioral Game Designer

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Spend Gems to HIRE Cognitive Behavioral Game Designer

Unread post by JBird » 24 Aug 2020, 16:30

Hello wonderful people of the game making tribes,

I am offering all interested groups an opportunity to hire the one, the only Jesse 'The Cognitive Behavioral Designer' Lynch (for a limited time only).

I spent the past year designing a game suite for ScienceAtHome which assesses creativity (yes, it is possible). Besides research, I wireframed, storyboarded, and user-tested many different features for this suite. My year long contract is up and I am searching for the next opportunity.

My education is in the realm of perception, cognition and the mind. I studied at Aarhus University and University of Georgia.

To learn how a Cognitive Behavioral Approach to game design can benefit you, watch this: :) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... sp=sharing :)

If this tickles your fancy, message me, and I will send you my CV. Or you can click on 'Visit Website' in my profile and check out my LinkedIn.

May all your games become top sellers on Steam.
-Jesse Lynch

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