3D artist looking for work

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3D artist looking for work

Unread post by Sqweebo » 02 Nov 2020, 15:20

Hello fellow game devs, my name is Javier Oneill and I am on the lookout for exciting new work possibilities, preferably full time, but I am also open to working freelance as well.

You can see my portfolio here at https://joneill3dartist.carbonmade.com/
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/javieroneill/
And my traditional artwork on my instagram account https://www.instagram.com/art_by_joneill/

In terms of experience, I have 15 years of experience working within games, mostly within Denmark,Germany and Holland creating 3d art work in every form of genre and platform,from AAA to mobile. I am versatile in my skillsets, which means I am to work in many aspects of 3d, such as environment and character art, to texturing, rigging and character animation. I am also able to create concept art work, either on paper or digitally for the purpose of pre production and visualization. I have experience with such game engines as Unity and Unreal, along with such apps such as 3ds max, Blender, photoshop, substance painter and Zbrush.

I am also a capable voice actor both in English and Spanish, having done voice work for such projects as Deep Rock Galactic and stand in voice work, for Spec Ops: the Line.

Along with my experience as a developer, I also have worked as a 3D graphics instructor at the 3D College in Grenaa and at the Royal Academy of Fine arts (KADK). So I am familar with creating a curriculum and assignments that are focused on both 3D and the games industry

So if you have any fun and exciting projects you need artwork for, please DM or send me an email at Javyoneill@hotmail.com

- Javier

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