Datatekniker - Programmering looking for an Elevplads!

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Datatekniker - Programmering looking for an Elevplads!

Unread post by Drewon » 04 Jan 2021, 22:53

Hello everybody.

My name is Carlo, I’m 35 years old and I come from Italy. I’ve been living in Denmark for the past 4 years, where I am married and have 3 kids. I live in Taastrup.

I have worked with computers / IT all my life, starting as a simple computer technician when I was young, and after that in IT for 7+ years.

In the last few years I rediscovered an old passion of mine, programming, and this year I started an education as Datatekniker med Speciale i Programmering. I have finished the grundforløbet, and I am in need of an elevplads.

Why post here? Since gaming has always been one of my passions (I’ve been playing games, specifically online games, since I was 11. Diablo -> Diablo 2 -> Ultima Online -> Everquest -> Counter-Strike, which I still play to this day occasionally -> World of Warcraft to name a few), I have also learned a lot about game development, and I would LOVE to work with a company that makes games!

I have a couple of projects on my Github page, including a 2D Sandbox game made in Unity inspired by Terraria that I’ve been working on from time to time, feel free to take a look:

I am very fluent in C# and Unity (Basic knowledge of Unreal Engine), I have a good knowledge of Networking in general, and I have base/general knowledge of PHP, CSS, Databases (MongoDB and SQL) and so on. Hell I even have some 3D experience (3dmax/blender).

I would be very happy doing any kind of work, whether it is working on games themselves, or on the backend of a company, and so on. Overall I am BURNING to actually work with people and learn all I can in a real world setting.

You can find some general information about my education here: ... ktaark.pdf

What can I offer?

- Maturity. I understand that 35 is a bit higher than the usual person who is looking for an elevplads, but it has it’s upsides! I have a lot of work experience, and I feel that this can be a big advantage at times.

- Fast learning curve. I always considered myself a fast learner, and it doesn’t take me a whole lot of time to familiarize myself with a new system / learn something new. It took me 3 days starting from not knowing ANYTHING at all whatsoever about html/css/javascript and in general websites, to making a simple but effective webchat to use in local in my classroom (using node.js). Granted, it’s nothing special, but it taught me the basics.

- Passion for learning new things, and take on challenges. I don’t know everything. Far from, there are a lot of areas that I still haven’t looked at, and I do lack work experience with programming. But I’ll be damned if I won’t jump into whatever it is I need to do and learn all I can about it, and make it work.

- I am easy to work with, generally speaking. I try to maintain a serious attitude at all times, and am all up for talking with collegues/helping/asking for help when needed. If I don’t know something, I’ll say it right away instead of pretending I do and causing delays.

Point is, I would love if you would consider hearing what more I have to say, and I am always available for a talk whether it’s via email, telephone, or in person. Any question is welcome!

p.s. I am also “ok” fluent in Danish. I can definitely work with it!

Feel free to contact me at any time of the day:

Tlf. : 27139936

Carlo Mercuri

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