Programmer looking to join game project(s)

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Programmer looking to join game project(s)

Unread post by marioslokas » 28 Mar 2021, 17:13


My name is Marios and I am a Unity developer. I am looking to join any inspiring game projects, paid or unpaid, with hopes of starting something or just being creative. I hope to meet likeminded people and possibly create something out of fantasy 🙂

I worked with Unity for some time now but still learning. I am also slowly expanding to Blender.

A short showcase of what I have done before can be found here:

I absolutely love 2D, platformer or adventure games, but I will play any kind of game if it is fun 🙂 Would be thrilled if someone has a metroidvania idea that wants to see come to life 😉

As I am currently working I am not available full time, but I could give around 15 hours a week.

Anyone who thinks they could need me, don't hesitate to reach out!

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Re: Programmer looking to join game project(s)

Unread post by sbrothy » 28 Mar 2021, 18:17

I 'm caught up in my own little project right now but your declaration of your love for 2d games caught my attention. In order to learn the intricacies of game programming I wanted to make a new version of Bubble Bobble (which I think is one of the greatest 2d games ever made! And yes, I'm somewhat up there in years :)), or perhaps Raiden which I've already talked about at length in some other post here.

Unfortunately, like any battle plan, my rudimentary intentions didn't survive contact with the enemy. I'll now be happy if I can load any 3d data file and use OpenGL to show a static scene (animation will hopefully come later) as I'm guessing that'll be a worthy first step. I tried using the 3DS format and this tutorial but it's either out of date and/or buggy. I've now set my sights on the FBX format. Mostly because there's what seems to be a mature SDK complete with samples.

I'm new here but I guess a welcome is always .. well... welcome. :)

EDIT: Btw, just for the record, my name is Søren. :)

EDIT2: Oh, my talk about Raiden was on another site:

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Re: Programmer looking to join game project(s)

Unread post by emilarsen » 01 Apr 2021, 19:51

Hi Marios,
I am looking for some scripting support for Tabletop Simulator for one of my projects (Heroes).
And then I am looking for a programmer in terms of creating a mobile game based of a card game I have published (Burning Rome). So it is programing based of an existing "ruleset" with a fairly complete "assets tool kit".
You can check out my previous published games on
Best regards Emil Larsen

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