(Closed) Geometric Interactive is looking for a 3D artist

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(Closed) Geometric Interactive is looking for a 3D artist

Unread post by geometric » 28 May 2021, 14:36

GEOMETRIC INTERACTIVE is a small independent game development studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded by former Playdead employees Jeppe Carlsen and Jakob Schmid.

We are excited to have secured funding for our new game, a mind-bending sci-fi puzzle adventure inspired by 'The Legend of Zelda' and 'Portal', and we are looking for a full-time 3D artist to join our team, starting as soon as possible.

Design and build 3D environment art for our top down perspective game in collaboration with our lead artist. There will be a strong focus on iteration and making the art elevate the puzzle designs.

  • Professional experience with 3D modelling for video games
  • Self-motivated and enthusiastic about environment design, level design, architecture, characters/creatures, machines/objects
  • Fluent in English
  • Experience with Cinema 4D is a plus
  • Experience with Unity is a plus
Please contact us on info@geometricinteractive.com


Website: https://geometricinteractive.com/
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Re: Geometric Interactive is looking for a 3D artist

Unread post by memorycard71 » 01 Jun 2021, 14:42

Hej! I kan se min side projekt og Portefølje her:
Her kan i se UI "in the works" og 3-d modeling:
( i skal tryke pa "show more" der under hvor åbner sig og befindes 3-D models).
I er også vllkome at se "My work" side her:

mdh. D.J.

Selvfølgelig kan vi tale om alt hvad der interesserer jer, i er meget velkommen!!!

mob: 26462913
mail: dejan88@live.dk

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